Monday, December 12, 2011

Beware: Christmas Rant Ahead

I used to LOVE Christmas time.  Everything about it.  The lights, shopping, decorating and wrapping.  I could not wait to start my shopping every year and then come home, throw on the Christmas music and get to work wrapping every gift just so, complete with matching ribbon and gift tag.  I would do a little holiday baking.  I hate to bake, I hate anything that has to do with the kitchen, so for me that was huge.

After having children, my attitude about Christmas has changed dramatically.  On so many levels.

Begin Rant Here:
My children do not need tons of toys.  Our basement already looks like the backroom of an all boy toy store.  They don't play with toys.  They use toys to throw at each other and to stand on in order to reach other non-toy items that have been placed out of their reach on purpose.
They would rather spend time with you (and YOU know who YOU are).  They might like to go to college someday.  Or perhaps they will need bail money at some point.  Consider gifting your time or tucking a little away for future expenses.  They can always use clothes.  They are boys.  Boys are very hard on things, we go through several pairs of pants in a month.  That gets spendy and unfortunately they can't wear Legos or DS games.

My children whine when they don't get EVERYTHING on their list.  Please.  Did Baby Jesus ask the Wise Men to bring him gifts?  Did he ask them to bring specific gifts?  I don't believe that he did.  However, I do think that he was grateful for what he did receive.  He probably even followed it up with a lovely thank you note.

Whatever happened to just going out and purchasing items that you thought the gift recipient would enjoy?  I saw a sign that said "I hope you enjoy the gift that you told me to buy for you".  That is exactly how I feel about giving out specific lists.  How about I just give you the cash and you can go buy the item.  It's basically the same level of thought and I don't have to haul three children through a crowded store while they ask for everything that they put on their list that they are just absolutely sure they are not going to receive.  Which is a possibility since there are about 500 items on each list!

Also don't ask me for a list and then complain about everything I put on it.  If you refuse to buy my children anything other than toys, guess what, that practical item that we need is going to end up on my list.  Deal with it.  If you think the shoes I want are ugly, keep your opinions to yourself or I will start unleashing my opinions on things.  And we all know that is not a good idea. If you are certain that the item I think that I want, I really don't want, then come up with your own idea about what I do want! Save me the stress and time of making a list that you never really wanted in the first place.

I could go on and on about how cookie baking with children should be outlawed, and how if you hate getting your gift in a gift bag then maybe you should help with the gift wrapping and the stress of the perfect Christmas card picture.  But I will save those thoughts for another time.  Maybe after a few glasses of wine to help me relax and enjoy this Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

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